Become the Financial Wellness Hub

With just a few lines of code, innovative financial institutions can enhance their existing digital experiences with a curated portfolio of best-in-breed FinTech solutions

Seamless Widget-based Integration

Budgit enables continuous innovation inside your existing digital channels, right where your customers expect it.

Fully Automated Budgeting

Budgit analyzes income and spending to build a simple envelope-based budget that's easy for customers to understand and easier to use.

checkAlways-current Safe-to-Spend Buffer balance

checkA complete picture, aggreggated across banks and accounts

checkSimple onboarding in under 3 minutes

Curate the Experience for Your Customers

Budgit is an open platform, so you can connect your customers to best-in-class fintech applications that can address their needs, wants and goals.

Deliver The Innovation Customers Want

Learn how you can simplify your customers' financial lives.

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